Tuesday, 15 February 2011

QMU wins e-Government national award

QMU has been announced as the winner of the e-Government National Award 2010 in the category for sustainable, ‘green IT’ or ‘carbon-efficient’ services.

Considered to be one of the most prestigious events in the public sector calendar, The e-Government Awards took place last night (26th January) at London’s Guildhall, and was supported by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, who made a speech via video link.

QMU won the award for going beyond its successful implementation of thin client technology throughout the institution and further reducing energy and carbon consumption from its IT systems.

The e-Government National awards provide a unique benchmark for quality in eleven categories covering current IT innovation and best practice technology implementation at all levels of government.

Fraser Muir, QMU’s Director of Information Services, received the award on behalf of the institution. He said:”We are delighted that our work in delivering ongoing reductions in energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions from our IT processes has been recognised at such a high profile event.”

Prime Minister, David Cameron, said “The e-Government National Awards recognise some of the brilliant work done by digital specialists working across national and local government. One of our big ambitions is to make government more transparent, open and accountable and digital communications will play a massive part in that. I congratulate all the nominees and encourage all digital specialists across the public sector to follow their good example and innovation.”


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