Friday, 11 March 2011

QMU wins eGov award

You will know that we recently won a very prestigious eGovernment award, but do you know why? Here we set out what makes the green or sustainable ICT infrastructure here at QMU worthy of recognition at a national level.

Queen Margaret University has a holistic approach to achieving a lasting legacy of sustainable practice and thinking, not only in managing its immediate environment, but also in its pioneering approach to curriculum development and leadership training aimed at achieving far reaching positive impact for future generations.

A thin-client infrastructure was fundamental in delivering the exemplar energy and environmental performance ratings of the new development. Lower power consumption results in lower heat generation and therefore reduces the need for air-conditioning in areas of high concentrations of desktop computing. As a result, the building design requires minimal air conditioning and mechanical ventilation delivering direct energy savings of approximately £47,000 per annum compared to use of equivalent numbers of PCs - on top of £1 million in savings on the capital cost of the campus.

So integrated are the estate and ICT, that the institution has developed an integrated Estate and Information strategy to ensure both elements are recognised as inseparable.

The thin-client project was successfully shortlisted for the 2009 awards in the same category but we have not rested on our laurels. Instead we have pushed further our use of green IT in the following ways:

Remote access
An joined up approach to ICT has also greatly improved the flexibility of work practice across the university and supported distance learning. The ability to work on a fully-featured desktop from home or anywhere a broadband connection is available means that staff and students travel to campus only when necessary. It has also facilitated international collaborations.
We regularly accommodate around 100 simultaneous remote desktops from 80 countries around the world.

Lecture capture
Lecture capture has been implemented at QMU in every room on campus, allowing lecturers to record their lectures, seminars and tutorials and students to review at any point. This provides ultimate flexibility and efficiency in space usage as academic events can be recorded once and delivered many times.

Timetable software
Extremely efficient centralised scheduling software allows QMU to deliver class-leading room utilisation of over 40%. This in turn allows the building size and accommodation to be minimised.

Videoconference (VC)
VC is available in all our lecture theatres and board rooms maximising the benefit to staff and students and minimising our travel costs and emissions caused by travel. Recordings of the conference can be taken and delivered to any location.

Timetable screens
Timetable information screens remove the need to print room bookings or timetable information for staff and students and allows for the greatest flexibility in dynamic updating of room information. Staff and students always know which event is in which location across the academic building.

Data room infrastructure
The university has been gradually increasing the temperature of its data room from its initial design of 18C to its current 25C and will continue to increase this at least to 27C as older equipment is phased out. With approximately 4% energy savings per degree increase this substantially reduces data room energy consumption. Combined with a conscious procurement decision in 2004 to choose the most energy efficient server equipment this minimises the QMU data room energy footprint.

Power down
The university is automatically powering down its PCs and thin-client terminals when not needed with the resultant saving of nearly 100000kWh per year. As a result, the small number of PCs that remained after deployment of thin-client are only active on average 9% of the time.
QMU worked closely with the terminal manufacturers to write and deploy a power down module for our thin-clients as this was not available at the time.

The university has standardised its platform for all new servers on a virtual environment enabling us to minimise the costs and environmental impact on purchasing and running essential server equipment delivering a reduction ratio of 20:1. Since embodied energy constitutes the greatest component of a server energy consumption this has a even greater positive effect on our environmental performance.

Whilst by themselves the above initiatives are being undertaken by others in the sector, the holistic approach to green ICT at QMU ensures it supports and actively contributes to the university commitment to climate change.


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