Friday, 8 April 2011

Web submission to QMU PrintRoom

Campus Services and our Print Room suppliers, ServicePoint, have developed a web-based print submission system, called Web 2 Print.

This system will allow staff (and students in due course) to submit print requests online, choose different finishing options and see full costs of the request. Staff in the print room will then fulfil the request in the usual way.

More details and training videos can be found at:

Training sessions on the system will also be available – details will be posted on the intranet site or can be arranged by contacting the print room directly. You will receive your Web2Print password direct to your inbox next week. In due course, this will become the default mechanism for submission of work to the print room.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Campus Services helpdesks

Campus Services provides a number of help points for users of the campus and the facilities we run.

Sometimes we know it can be a challenge to find out who to contact when and by what method, so we have brought together all this information into one portal on the Intranet.

We’re working on developing similar paths on our phone system. In the meantime, we’ve detailed how to alert us by phone on the portal.