Friday, 9 September 2011

QM Desktop goes live

Updating to the latest version of the QM Desktop has been particularly challenging this year, and IS staff are extremely grateful to staff and students for bearing with us through the transition. However we thought you would like to know what improvements and benefits the new QM Desktop brings, as these are not always immediately visible.

Update to Server 2008 Enterprise:

  • Improved performance and savings on both hardware and energy using our virtual platform

  • Greater flexibility to handle peaks and troughs through the year and the week
    Update to Citrix which gives:

  • Improved performance

  • Improved audio

  • Improved video

  • More stable applications on our thin-client terminals

    Update to Office 2010

  • Use the new Navigation pane to better organise your documents

  • Streamline your Outlook inbox with Conversation and Ignore features

  • Utiltise new tools in Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create professional-quality documents

    Update to Remote Desktop

  • Improved remote performance

  • Better experience for collaborative partners


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