Thursday, 10 November 2011

Last week was a busy week for awards ceremonies. On Tuesday, November 1 QMU was represented at the Green Business Awards, in the energy efficiency category.

The Green Business Awards celebrate excellence in green practice, strategy and products. They seek out and scrutinize the most innovative, ambitious and effective initiatives by UK business for achieving environmental sustainability, and implementing smart business practice. They are the "Green Globes" and are the UK's most comprehensive awards on the subject.

It was very pleasing to come away with a highly commended award for our work in reducing the energy consumption of our IT systems.

Our second foray down to London was for the Green Gown Awards 2011 on November 3. QMU has previously been quite successful at these awards with a win and highly commended in 2009. This time round, we were shortlisted in two categories, Green ICT and Space Efficiency. Again we came away with a highly commended award.

Fraser Muir, Director of Information Services at Queen Margaret University, said: “Despite our early success with our energy efficient building and technology, we have not rested on our laurels. We are totally committed to climate change and sustainable development and are continually refining our processes to reduce energy consumption and improve space efficiency. We are delighted that our efforts in progressing this important work are, once again, being recognised by both of these prestigious awards.

In both, we have worked to reduce the energy consumption through a number of areas and technologies but what benefits has this delivered for the university:

• Thin-client infrastructure saves the university over £55k in electricity costs per year
• Projector replacement with LED technology will pay for itself due to not requiring replacement lamps over the life of the product as well as £2k of electricity savings
• Data room temperature increases save approximately 4% of electricity consumption in cooling per degree increase
• Server virtualisation has delivered 68000kWh savings per year on the servers we have virtualised so far
• Power down of terminals and PCs is saving 100000kWh per year
• Remote access saved the university approximately £90k in lost productivity to adverse weather in November/December last year
• Use of multi-function devices to replace individual desktop and workgroup printers, copiers and scanners has saved 15,000kWh/year as well as delivered significant efficiencies in consumable replacement and support
• In the four years since deploying thin-client, we have saved just under 800000kWh. Since starting our Green ICT strategy, we have saved over 1.2m kWh. At today’s prices, that equates to £144000.


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