Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Accommodation feedback survey

In last month's newsletter we shared with you some of the excellent feedback we received from students living in halls and now we are working hard to put an action plan in place based on the feedback received which will improve satisfaction even further in future years. Here’s a highlight of what we are now doing as a result of feedback:

  • Students suggested that a Residences Survival Handbook would be useful upon arrival. This is currently being developed and will be in place from the September intake.

  • Feedback about our events hosted by the Student Wardens has been very positive so we are planning more for next academic year.

  • Residents asked for longer reception hours so we've extended the hours that the Student Wardens are available at the Accommodation Reception desk.

    Student Wardens can be contacted:
    From 6pm - 8pm in evenings, 7 days a week and 2pm - 3pm on weekend afternoons.

  • Residents commented on the conditions of the paintwork in some rooms so we are redecorating a further 300 bedrooms this summer.


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